Welcome to the developer and administrator documentation for the piwheels service. If you simply want to use piwheels to install Python packages more quickly on your Raspberry Pi, head over to the piwheels homepage for the relevant information.

However, if you want to set up your own instance of piwheels, or hack on the piwheels codebase, you’re in the right place! These documents are far from comprehensive and there’s really no substitute for just playing with the system at first, but hopefully they’ll provide some answers to anyone who gets confused wandering through the code (although much of the documentation is derived from the code) and some starting points for those that want to get involved. For reference, the piwheels code is available from GitHub (naturally) which also hosts the issue tracker. Note there is a separate issue tracker for reporting issues with packages built by piwheels.org, which can be found at piwheels/packages.

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